April 18, 2011

  • Of storms, camping and date nights…..


    A little over a week ago, we had some strong storms one night. We were under a tornado watch and the weather alert went off during the night that we were under a tornado WARNING for a half hour. I think it was one of those cases where a storm coming through had a very high potential for tornado’s. So Dan woke me up and asked if I think we should get the kids up. About that quick our electric went off. It was already storming pretty hard. Since it was the middle of the night and we couldn’t see outside, we decided rather be safe than sorry, so we all bunked out in the walk in closet for about 20 minutes. It hailed for a little while and since our roof is tin, it sounded quite nasty outside…the wind and sheets of rain coming down didn’t help any!! 

     We were all happy to return back to our beds safely and continue our night of sleep! Thankful for no damage. But not everyone was so fortunate. There were quite a few trees down in the area and our neighbors down the road lost some tin off the roof of their barn…..

    and part of the back part of the barn collapsed. The barn used to go the whole way to that little piece of equipment and the tree on the left side of the picture! surprised

    I don’t especially care for the stormy spring time weather, but am thankful we have been safe so far!!


    Tuesday was the kids second to last TaeKwonDo class. Ashleigh is doing a great job teaching them the basics. And they are having fun learning….despite the pain! winky

    Tamara throws a punch…


    The men/boys from church had a father-son campout Friday night at Ben’s pond. Sounds like they had a great time, despite the storms during the night. A few people got wet, a few ended up sleeping in their vehicles, but guys don’t let that bother them!! They just deal with it! happy A few of us ladies spent Friday evening at Heidi’s house just visiting. When Tamara and I got home, we watched a few episodes of the Cosby Show before going to bed at midnight. We had planned to get up the next morning at 8 to go shopping to the Outlets. Well, the storms had me awake for over an hour during the night, so when I woke up at 8 and tried to wake Tamara, we both decided to keep sleeping! silly We woke up at 9:40!!! stunned Till we got ready to leave, the guys were already home!

     We took our little shopping trip and it was successful! Even stopped at a big yard sale on the way (or a junk sale, might describe it better!) While we were gone, Samuel Drawbond (a youth from church) called and invited the kids to go with him and his sisters to a rodeo in town that evening. We gave them permission to go. 

     So, that meant a night out?? for Dan and I!!??? cool smooch We were thrilled, but what were we going to do? This doesn’t happen to us!! winky Dan suggested we go to town and take a walk on the bike trail and then get some ice cream. So, that’s what we did!! 

    It wasn’t as dark as it looks in this picture! (on the trail)

    The moon was shining brightly…it looked much bigger in real life!!

    We had so much fun just being alone, together!! 

     When we got into town, we decided to jump off the trail and walk the streets instead. This is a big tree by the courthouse….

    A cute little ice cream/sandwich shop in town. The sign says open, but it was very dark and closed up!! clueless

     I love this little nook between two of the shops….there is a pavilion and flowerbeds and lamps….but it needs a little help. Cute anyway!

    The park in the center of town…Magnolia Square.

    We walked by Helping Hands- a thrift store I shop at once in a while, Connies Kitchen-a restaurant where all the old men in town hang out, and El Jalisco’s- our favorite Mexican restaurant. Then we came back to our starting point…..

    Across the street is Main St. Station and that is where we went for ice cream and coffee. Dan had Butter Pecan and I had Choc. Chip Cookie Dough. Mmmm! After fueling up the Jeep, we headed back home and just relaxed till the kids got home. They had great fun and so did we! happy

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