April 23, 2011

  • New Blog Site!

     I got my wonderful husband to help me move my family blog to a new site. I have two blogs. One for family/ministry stuff and one for homeschool stuff and both fell by the wayside because I was constantly having to log into one and out of the other and it was a real pain….Xanga was just easier! So now, both my blogs are linked to my gmail account and I have easy access to both! :)

     At this point I plan to do my blogging on those sites, but want to see if I can copy and paste or somehow publish them here too so my faithful followers don’t miss out! Haha!!

     My new blog site is: http://danhenryfamily.blogspot.com/ Come visit me there and follow if you wish!

     I hope to start with updates soon….. 


    ~Happy Easter~

    Praise God for His sacrifice and New Life in HIM!!

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