Month: May 2011

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     I had given up using blogger and came back to Xanga for one BIG reason. My family blog and school blog were set up with two different emails and I had to log out of one to get into the other. Then I had to log out again to get into my email! It was a pain! 

     Finally this weekend, my dear hubby sat down to figure out how to change my family blog to my main email, which is the email our school blog is set up under. After quite some time, we realized we needed to "import" the whole site to a new address. SO, my family blog address has changed and I can blog on both accounts without the hassle!! I'm loving it!!

     Now, I just have to get back to the different way of uploading pics! :P


    So, here are the two links to my blogs.....I will try to remember to update here when I do a new post! Come visit me~ :)