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  • twila

    where did you find this theme?  Or did you creat it yourself?

  • @fredsyankeegal - Yes, I created it!  Do you know if there is a way I can share it?? I have no idea!!

  • congratulations on your anniversary!

  • Hi Twila,Just caught up on all your posts.For some reason I can’t comment on Blogspot.I used to be able to.  Your beach pics are so gorgeous!I want to try boiled peanuts sometime,Julia said she loves them!Bible School looked like fun,it’s interesting to see what other churches pick as their theme.

  • oh my goodness!! i so wasn’t expecting a comment on Xanga; since i haven’t been on here in ages! but, actually, i almost like this better than Facebook…it’s more…personal. not so…..overrated and…broad. but, i still like Facebook. anyway, thanks for the lovely comment! :) yes! I am enjoying getting to know Zeb and Lisa and family! they’re so awesome! :)   that’s so interesting that you know them as well! wow…small world indeed, as they say :) i enjoy reading your blog :) God bless you and your family! ~Kathy~

  • Wishing your husband and all your family the Lord’s richest blessings for serving Him in this capacity! If you do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Him!

  • Good job on all the decluttering you are doing!Someone gave us two boxes of vhs tapes.Anyways,they are scattered all over our den floor.On Sunday night Connor went into that room to get something and he told me I need to organize that room!  Out of the mouth of babes…….

  • I can’t seem to comment on your blog, so will do so here ~ it amused me that you made ice in your yard on purpose ~ up here in the north, we would probably give it away sometimes! 

  • @fwren - 
    Yes, I know…it’s amazing what you will do for a piece of Winter! ;)

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