Month: June 2012

  • A Milestone!!


    Well, I haven't updated Xanga in a long while and I know most of you follow my blog, but I decided to do a post tonight just for old times sake. Okay, technically I came back here to look at some pics on my site from a few years back and decided to update....


     There's been some big stuff going on in our lives the past month that I wanted to celebrate here!

    6 years ago, in October 2006, Dan began the journey of getting a degree through Liberty University Online. It looked like a huge undertaking at the time and there were many days along the way that I wondered if we would ever see the end. If you or your spouse have went through any amount of schooling, you know the commitment, sacrifices and time it takes! I remember thinking that my kids would be 12 and 14 till he would graduate and I just couldn't fathom that.....they were only 5 and 7 at the time {and if you do the math and it doesn't hold out, it's because he finished a year earlier than we estimated!!} happy


    This is what our family looked like in 2006.....

    And what we look like now!! pleased

    I love this photo taken in the first month of Dan's schooling....the kids were waiting to see what his score was on one big assignment he had to do....


    And he got a 100%!! laughing


    On May 12, we were able to attend the graduation ceremony at Liberty University and Dan walked the stage!! He graduated summa cum laude and we are very proud of him!

    It was a long stressful journey. While doing school he also worked 40 hours a week, was an elder at our church, preached many Sunday sermons at church and the prison (and sermons don't come without study) took time to do fun things with the kids and I, and so much more. He was a busy man. There were times that he got discouraged, but with lots of prayer and encouragement, he kept going. After taking two more classes this coming Fall, he will officially be done and will have earned a double major...a Bachelor's degree is Phsychology and also in Religion! Someday he would like to go on to get his Master's in Christian Counseling, but that won't happen right away!


     He says that sometimes, working with inmates can be as much training for counseling as going to school and doing book studies is!! happy

    Last evening I hosted a Graduation Party for him at church. We had about 85 people attend and we enjoyed visiting with friends!!

    Carmen, Tamara and Heidi
    {Carmen is Tamara's best friend and Heidi is her cousin} happy 

    Ben and Carol Yoder visiting with Ben's sister Marilou and her husband, Paul Wesselhoeft.

    The older kids ate on the carport.

    Danny with his friends, To'Anh, Dylan, and his cousin Cody.

    Dan eating at the table with Roy Pickron and Eric Miller.

    Probably two of the most influential men/friends in his life in the past few years.
    {There were others as well, but these are definitely worth mentioning!!} 

    I made sure the food dishes stayed filled and Kay made sure we got at least one picture with me in it! silly

    We had pasta salad, tortilla wraps, pickles and olives, crackers, cheese, chips, blueberry delight and ice cream~

     We had ice water with lemons, limes and blueberries floating in the ice cubes and a Hawaiian Limeade Punch mix.

    Leah Smith and Ashley Hunter chatting

    Display table....

    Dan's stole, honor cord, mortarboard, pictures, textbooks {only 4 of the many!!} and a slideshow of pics from 2006 to now.
    I also had a mat for a 5X7 photo for people to sign. 


    So, we are enjoying a different kind of summer....Dan comes home from work and we have free evenings....and free weekends!!! WOOT! pleased cool

    Well, free from school work.....somehow we still stay busy with other things!! whatevah


    Pray for us as we seek God's direction in our lives....we could use wisdom!