Month: January 2011

  • No school for us today....both kids have fever now. Tamara is for sure going to the Dr. The nurse I talked to said it sounds like strep!sad She thinks if I can't get in to our family Dr. I need to take her to the ER. I can tell she feels worse today than yesterday! She feels dizzy and her heart rate was 120! whatevah

  • Happy Birthday!!

    Today 10 years ago I held my very own baby girl in my arms. Never imagined she would be my last baby!! But what a joy she has been in our family! I'm so glad God allowed me to have at least 1 daughter!! 

     We brought 2 kittens home from the Lewis' on New Years Eve...Tamara is loving them!! I think that would have been a sufficient birthday gift for her!

    We hadn't bought Tamara a birthday gift. I knew what I wanted to get her [more doll house furniture], but decided to wait till after Christmas and see if it went on sale. I didn't have a chance all week to go shopping, so yesterday we took her to Tallahassee and let her pick out what she wanted. This year we also decided to take them out to eat at the restaurant of their choice for their b-day. She chose IHop. pleased 

    After supper, we went to see Secretariat at the dollar theater. It was a very good movie, based on a true story...and it's about horses!! Definitely recommend it!!

     Tamara had a very low grade fever since Friday night and a sore throat, but when she woke up this morning she was feeling pretty rotten and still had a slight fever, so we knew we needed to call off her planned party! She really handled the disappointment well. The rest today was good for her! At one point her temp was 101.9, but meds seemed to being it down again. It didn't keep her from having a little fun any way!

    These were the 2 things she picked at ToysR Us last can't see it but the LPS was two sets for the price of one. The second box is hiding!

    For lunch we had baked potatoes per her request.
     These were the party favors I made for her party. I think we will still give them to her friends next Sunday.

    LPS  cake...

    Gifts from friends and family....

    More Loving Family gifts.....

    From Aunt Esther....

    She also got a book and gift card for Borders from her friend Lina, a calendar from Grandma Henry and a nice card made by her brother!

     I thought we would start school tomorrow, but we'll see how the kids are feeling. Danny was all stuffed up today too and both of them were ready for bed early tonight! Hoping they are feeling better soon!!


    Happy 2011 to y'all!! Be a blessing and be blessed! cool

  • Chores & Christmas

    This is going to be a quick post. I loaded the pics a couple days ago and there they sat. Now I have more to post, so these are going up quick!


    Our neighbors, Jonas & Emma B. were going to Ill. for Christmas and were going to be gone about 6 days. They asked our kids to do the chores for them while they were gone. I went with them the first day....

    Walking through the woods to their house...

    Getting feed mixed up...

    This day, the goats were not around so they were able to fill their troughs with no interruptions. If the goats were nearby, they would be very eager to get the food and about knock them over!! winky

    Calling the goats and here they come....single file! happy

    Mmm, yum!

    Collecting chicken eggs...

    Feeding the catfish...

    Put feed out for the turkey's and deer too.

    Christmas Eve we opened the gifts that were sent down from the Henry family...

    Aunt Esther gave this to Tamara. She was thrilled!!

    She also gave each of us a souvenir from her mission trip to Alaska this past year. Tamara got a little trinket box, the guys got knives and I got a purse holder. 

    Christmas Eve supper....we had pizza! 

    On of the perks for the kids doing Jonas' chores, was he allowed them to use his Gator to run back and forth. Christmas morning we all went over and took the long way over to look for deer. happy

    ~CHRISTmas Day~

    Tamara chose her BIG gift first. She was sure it was a scooter....

    But it was luggage!! laughing She was still happy!!

    A headlamp for Danny for upcoming camping trips!

    Gifts from Dan's mom...hand soap for me, a calendar for Dan.

    Jonathan Park CD's...


    A remote control flying saucer....most of these gifts I bought at the Homeschool convention in May. Was nice to have stuff on hand!

    Danny's "file cabinet" that he wanted to organize the papers in his room....and he did great at cleaning it all up!! **Happy Me**

    Littlest Pet Shop set...

    Lego's happy

    Dan bought me a new deep fryer on Black Friday since we think the other one's thermostat went bad. The oil kept wanting to boil over....NOT good!!

    Yup, that's us! Christmas Day~

    Danny didn't waste any time putting his new Lego set together!! happy

    And we had to try out the deep fryer....made french fries and also fried the turkey for lunch!! 

    They were SO good!! :) My new deep fryer is much nicer than my old one...which I got about 10 years ago! 

    A little electrical kit we gave Danny. You can do different experiments with it...

    Tamara with her pillow pet....

    On Monday Danny and I did the chores by ourselves. It was a COLD day and windy!!

    Yup, I trusted him to drive! He did a great job! winky