April 21, 2011

  • Tuesday was the final TaeKwon Do class for the kids. A big thank you to Ashleigh Mount for teaching them for 6 weeks. I had started taking the classes with them, but then when I wasn’t feeling so good with my gallbladder issues, I decided to sit out a few weeks. I ended up not joining in the rest of the time. I probably could have, but by that time I had missed a lot of what they were learning.

    Ashleigh had a little surprise for them the last day….a sparring match with a fellow black belt. It was very interesting to watch! laughing

    Afterwards the kids went swimming at the Pickron’s. The water was still kind of cold, but they didn’t mind!! happy

    L to R- Darren, Danny, Kayla, Victoria, Lydia, Dylan, Kirsten, Preston, Bailee and Tamara

    Danny and Preston fighting to see who could knock the other off the shoulders of their teammate first.

    Lydia and Lego trying to warm up in the sunshine….


     Know how this egg can float in the middle of the water?? happy

    Well, first we put tap water in the cup, about half way full. The egg sunk to the bottom. Then we added about 2 T. of salt and stirred it good. The egg then rose to the surface. THEN, we slowly added more tap water and the egg stayed on the “top” of the salt water!! Interesting…..we also tried an experiment with layering colored water using salt and that one didn’t work quite as well. It is tricky trying to keep two waters from blending!! Science was fun today, again!!

     I had been considering doing something else for science next year because I didn’t think we were learning that much, but part of the problem was the earlier experiments took supplies I don’t have on hand and are hard to get unless I drive an hour or more. But lately the experiments have been using things I have on hand…simple kitchen ingredients! That makes it more fun!!


     Tonight Dan and I took another walk and I took my camera along. The little creek bank down the road is covered in wild roses! It’s harder to see on this picture, so I also took a close-up.

     I have been trying to walk as many days as possible again. Since I first went to my family Dr. and she guessed I was having gall bladder trouble, she encouraged me to change my eating habits to give some relief. Doing so helped me lose another 13 lbs. I have been at a standstill for a few days so I am hoping soon the scales will start dropping again….I feel so much better. I DID make myself a goal till our anniversary in July so I want to keep chugging away! pleased

    Everything smells so good outside right now. Not sure what those white flowers are called two pics up, but they are blooming everywhere and wreaking havoc on my poor hubby’s sinus’!!


     We “kid-sat” some friends of our children tonight while their parents had a “date night”!! :)

     Danny and Sam…..they played croquet, kicked a football, watched a movie, played with cars and who knows what all else. All kinds of fun~ 

    Tamara and Anna on the other hand played almost in this exact same spot ALL night!! winky 

     I finally got most of Tamara’s wall decor up today! Still waiting on one or two finishing touches. I am so glad to have that project done!!

     Well, it’s bed time. I thoroughly enjoyed my day! Looking forward to another, tomorrow!! Good night~

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